You’ll Hate This Book...

But if you’re ready, it will make you rich and change your life.

Are you sick and tired of all the hype, fluff and pie-in-the-sky promises so-called experts make about money? Do you want a practical plan you can REALLY believe in?

In his new book, Straight Money Talk - A Straightforward Plan for Financial Independence, Robert Bauman lays out 7 steps anybody can follow to become truly wealthy, and reveals ‘money myths’ and ‘inside secrets’ including...

  • Why most people who think they are rich will end up struggling in retirement (and why you should never listen to their advice)
  • The truth about ‘get rich quick’ and clues to help you instantly identify scams before they steal your money and time (hint: most scams are exactly the same – they are just dressed up in new ‘sales spin’)
  • If building wealth is so simple, why do so many people retire poor? (This secret will not only help you get rich, it will help you lose weight, gain ultimate health, and master any skill you desire)
  • And a REAL money plan anybody can follow to retire rich (no sugar coating, no sales spin – just some good old-fashioned ‘straight talk’ that could change your life)


Who Is Robert Bauman?

A former Air Force Officer, Accountant and Financial Planner, Robert Bauman is refreshingly different to other so-called money experts. He tells you the truth about your money... even when it’s hard to hear. And he helps you follow a practical plan to create and protect REAL wealth. So buckle up and get ready for the truth (can you handle it?). You’re about to discover Straight Money Talk - A Straightforward Plan for Financial Independence.


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