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You’ll Hate This Book...

But if you’re ready, it will make you rich and change your life.

Are you sick and tired of all the hype, fluff and pie-in-the-sky promises so-called experts make about money? Do you want a practical plan you can REALLY believe in?

In his new book, Straight Money Talk - A Straightforward Plan for Financial Independence, Robert Bauman lays out 7 steps anybody can follow to become truly wealthy, and reveals ‘money myths’ and ‘inside secrets’ including...

  • Why most people who think they are rich will end up struggling in retirement (and why you should never listen to their advice)
  • The truth about ‘get rich quick’ and clues to help you instantly identify scams before they steal your money and time (hint: most scams are exactly the same – they are just dressed up in new ‘sales spin’)
  • If building wealth is so simple, why do so many people retire poor? (This secret will not only help you get rich, it will help you lose weight, gain ultimate health, and master any skill you desire)

  • And a REAL money plan anybody can follow to retire rich (no sugar coating, no sales spin – just some good old-fashioned ‘straight talk’ that could change your life)

Who Is Robert Bauman?

A former Air Force Officer, Accountant and Financial Planner, Robert Bauman is refreshingly different to other so-called money experts. He tells you the truth about your money... even when it’s hard to hear. And he helps you follow a practical plan to create and protect REAL wealth. So buckle up and get ready for the truth (can you handle it?). You’re about to discover Straight Money Talk - A Straightforward Plan for Financial Independence.

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Bob Proctor

Bob Proctor

Success, Attitude, Persistence, and Money audio programs, by Bob Proctor (Value $60)

Bob Proctor is widely considered one of the greatest speakers in the world on the topic of getting rich. Bob has been gracious enough to make 4 of his SUCCESS SERIES mp3's available to you as a gift for purchasing Welcome to Your Lifetoday! You can find the rest of the series on his website.

Jack Canfield

Breakthrough to Success! 1-Hour Introductory Audio Class with Best-Selling Author, Jack Canfield

You know Jack Canfield, he's the founder and co-creator of the billion-dollar book brand Chicken Soup for the Soul.

What you may not know is that Jack has spent the last 30 years showing millions of people how to up-level everything they do, and is one of the world's leading success experts. In fact, his latest book, The Success Principles, is already a best-seller and is quickly becoming the NEW self-improvement standard.

In this FREE 1-hour audio class, Jack will teach you clear and understandable ways to create more success in every area of your life!

Keith Leon

Keith Leon

The Who Do You Think You Are? Downloadable Book, Action Guide, and Teleseminar Series with bestselling author, speaker and book mentor Keith Leon (Value $230)

Keith Leon and other successful thought leaders such as Jack Canfield, Joe Vitale, Marci Shimoff, Bob Proctor, John F. Demartini and more share their secrets to living filled with passion and purpose.

Ken Foster

Ken Foster

We are here on earth to fulfill our destinies, generate our greatest dreams and contribute our gifts and talents to better society. By setting powerful goals and actually reaching them we can do this. In this Video Lesson, goal accomplishing master Ken D. Foster reveals his step by step formulas to set and hit your targets with ease and grace. Get real with your dreams…if you dare! Believe it or not, you can accomplish anything—yes, anything—that is aligned with your highest values. This Video will show you how. (Value $197)

In This Free Video You Will Learn:

  • Fail-Proof, 5 step process to hit your business goals every time
  • The "once this happens…" concept that will keep you stuck forever (and how to free you from it)
  • How to get exclusive access to a team of 5 or more wise millionaire mentors
  • How to stay connected to your power no matter what challenge comes along

Ronny Prasad

Welcome to Your Life, by Ronny K. Prasad - Certified Lifecoach and Mindset Trainer (Value $19.95)

Welcome to Your Life provides insights into taking control of your life. Empowering your life with inspiration and gratitude is simplified in this easy to follow book.

As you read Welcome to Your Life, you will be guided step-by-step to attract more fulfilment into your life! Experience more awareness, gratitude, and a sense of purpose. This book will guide you on a journey back to the part of you that loves life.

Scott Bywater Marketing & Advertising Cheat Sheets

Scott Bywater

Marketing & Advertising Cheat Sheets – 7 Proven Marketing Secrets You Can Copy to Boost Sales Instantly (valued at $97)

Want to spend less time writing ads, sales letters, website text and marketing promotions… and get BETTER results? Copy these time-tested 'Cheat Sheets' which include headline templates, networking strategies, word-of-mouth promotions, lead generation promotions and more.

Marcia Wieder

3 eBooks from Marcia Wieder to help make your dreams come true. (Value: Priceless)

Marcia Wieder has one single wish - to help make your dreams come true. This bonus comes with three of Marcia's ebooks, Finding Your Dream, Believing in Your Dreams & Becoming a Dreamer. (Value: Priceless)

Patricia Drain

What Should I Be When I Grow Up? Now That I'm 40, 50, 60, by Patricia Drain, international author, professional speaker and business owner. (Value $15.97)

You deserve to lead a happy and prosperous life. This book will help you find a new meaning to your life.

All of us at one time or another have asked the question, WHAT SHOULD I BE WHEN I GROW UP? Most of the time, we're already grown when we're asking this very important question. Begin to discover what you WANT to do with the rest of your life, not what you think you SHOULD do. Start focusing on the skills you enjoy.

Geoff Kirkwood

Two months access to the worlds #1 E-Learning Marketing system (Value $394.00 - Special Offer $1) Geoff Kirkwood, Business Mentor and Referral Master

This program was developed with the perfect combination of online resources, tools and support to get you out of any financial distress you're presently experiencing… help you get laser-focused on your highest income-producing activities… and help you develop and then apply the fundamentals that build multimillion dollar businesses. Participate in this program and you will generate all the leads your business can handle and close as many sales as you want.

7 Confidence Tips

Eilidh Milnes

7 Confidence Tips for Your Increased Productivity by Eilidh Milnes (Value $29)

This FREE eBook in PDF format is new and created especially for Robert Bauman's bonus page. It contains links to videos, audios and lots of additional free resource materials.

Eilidh Milnes - pronounced "Ay-lee" – is known as 'Captain Positive!' She is a teacher turned motivational speaker, columnist and award winning author. Eilidh is available to speak worldwide.

Tim Stokes

“The 4 Challenges of Business” audio book & “The Small Business Profit Report” (Value of $197)

Are you a business owner with 2 to 30 staff? If so it’s almost certain these “4 Challenges of Business” will be preventing you becoming a true entrepreneur…

1. Lack of time
2. Money (cash flow and profit)
3. Staff issues
4. Growing your business to achieve your goals

In this audio download recording of Tim Stokes one of Australia’s most respected business and management advisors and Managing Director of Business Building Mentors you’ll discover the secrets of conquering all 4 of these business and management challenges.

The Small Business Profit Report discusses why business management is what business owners need, what it is and why the 3 subjects of management mastery need to become your focus to enjoy a business that can work hard… so you don’t have to.

By following the “7 Steps to Business Freedom” introduced in this audio you can be free of the day to day struggle of owning your own business and live life to the maximum with an abundance of time and money.


Liz Parker

How to Become a Virtual Assistant in 7 Days (Value $147)

This book will show you how to set up as a virtual assistant in 7 days. At the end of this book you will have registered your business and domain name, set up your website and marketing plan and created your logo, business card and other marketing collatoral. In addition you will have managed risk, downloaded the technology you need and be ready to take on your first client.